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Cytisus scoparius. N.O. Leguminosae.

Synonym ► Irish Broom and Besom. Habitat ► Dry, hilly wastes.

Features ► The stem is angular, five-sided, dark green, and branches at an acute angle.

Yellow pea-like flowers appear in May and June. The lower leaves are on short stalks and consist of three small obovate leaflets, the upper leaves being stalkless and frequently single.

Part used ► Tops.

Action ► Powerfully diuretic.

Broom tops are often used with Agrimony and Dandelion root for dropsy and liver disorders. For this purpose a decoction of 1 ounce each of Broom tops and Agrimony and 1/2 ounce Dandelion root to 3 pints of water simmered down to 1 quart is taken in wineglassful doses every four or five hours.

Coffin recommends us to ► “Take of broom-tops, juniper-berries and dandelion-roots, each half-an-ounce, water, a pint and a half, boil down to a pint, strain, and add half-a-teaspoonsful of cayenne pepper. Dose, half- a-wineglassful four times a day.”

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