Jun 23, 2014
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Discover Yunnan Tea

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If you want to quit drinking coffee or simply try a new variety of black tea, you can chose Yunnan tea for a change. Its strong sweet flavor will surely delight your senses. There are several types for this black tea, so before you buy it take a look at its description and benefits.

Description of Yunnan Tea

Commonly known as Dianhong, Yunnan tea is a type of Chinese black tea used in various blends and other tea assortments. Its name comes from the Chinese province of Yunnan where it is grown and harvested. This type of tea has three major properties : big leaves, a brownish color and a strong flavor.

The first sip can be slight sour at the beginning but after that it gets sweeter. Quality Yunnan tea has a sweet strong flavour. Low quality Yunnan tea can have a darker color and a bitter taste, so be careful what to buy.

It is also known as Yunnan Red tea. There are several varieties of Yunnan black tea.

Broken Yunnan

A cheap tea used in various mixtures which contains very few golden buds and is generally bitter on its own. It can be easily identified because the dried leaves have a darker almost black color with only a few bursts of golden tips. The drink is dark with a reddish-brown color. The taste can sometimes be as strong as cooked pu-erh tea.

Yunnan Gold

Another Dianhong type which has less golden buds and more dark tea leaves. It resembles with Yunnan Pure Gold type and is priced similarly. However, the tea resulting from it has slightly different characteristics. The drink has a bold red color different from other black teas and a vivid sweetness not quite as intense as Yunnan Pure Gold.

Yunnan Pure Gold

Seen as the best type of Dianhong tea, it holds only golden ends, which are generally covered in fine hairs. If we look it from a distance, the dried tea has a bright orange color. The tea liquor is bright red in color and it has a gentle aroma and a sweet taste. The leaves turn into a reddish brown color after preparation.

If we compare it to other small-leaf varieties, Yunnan tea contains a higher concentration of polyphenol, catechin and water-soluble substances that the average values for a black tea.

Preparation of Yunnan tea

Like most of black teas that are usually infused with hot water, Yunnan tea is no exception. It is recommended to use porcelain containers or cups. Put a teaspoon of Yunnan tea and poor hot water of approximately 100 degrees Celsius. Let is infuse for about 5 minutes, then it’s ready to drink. Some people may add milk to the tea.

Yunnan tea benefits

According to the different methods used in tea processing, Yunnan tea can be classified into over 100 kinds of products. Yunnan tea is famous for its health benefits. Studies have shown that it is indeed an effective beverage for eliminating fat, reducing weight, strengthening the body, enhancing longevity, stimulating metabolism, balancing and regulating cholesterol level. Yunnan tea is also highly reputed as “slimming tea”, “beauty tea” and “healthy tea” in more than twenty countries and regions including France, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and so on.

Studies confirm what the Chinese have known for centuries – that Yunnan tea provides a natural alternative to medicines for those expecting to lose weight, reduce tension and generally have a more healthy and relaxed lifestyle.

It was clearly proven that drinking Yunnan tea regularly lowers blood lipid levels without having side effects as medical drugs have.

Yunnan tea side effects

The side effects of Yunnan teaare similar to those caused by other black teas and they are related to intense consumption. They are mostly associated with higher caffeine content which may cause restlessness, palpitations, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, irritability, increased heart rate, and elevated blood pressure. Caffeine is also diuretic.

Like most black teas, Yunnan tea is suitable for regular consumption in spite of few side effects. Drink it wisely and enjoy its benefits.

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