Jun 21, 2014
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Teas for Stress

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Unlike migraines, stress is an accumulation of disorganized pain that takes your body by surprise, inducing a state of general fatigue and irritation.

Although migraines teas could also be used as a remedy for stress, it is possible that their effect on your general health to pass unnoticed. Since stress has a more profound characteristic, it’s best if you choose one of the following teas:

Green Tea (thanks to its calming amino acid which can be found in the leaves)

– Kava Tea (induces a state of calmness without having the side effects of a traditional drug).

How Teas for Stress Work

First of all, if you’ve decided to go with Teas for Stress instead of traditional drugs, you need to know that, although the amount of side effects is very low, you still have to pay attention to the amount of tea you’re taking.

Thanks to their main ingredients, which include tannin, caffeine, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamin C, their main responsibility is restoring your general well-being by enhancing the number of anti bodies and by fighting all pain triggers.

Actually, these Teas for Stress focus on any type of fatigue accumulation that shouldn’t appear in your system. The enzymes contained have anti-inflammatory properties which can lower your nervous deviations and increase your blood flow in order to wash away the unwanted microbes.

Efficient Teas for Stress

When you’re looking for Teas for Stress, you have plenty oh choices. Aside from Green Tea and Kava Tea, you can also add the following teas to your medical cabinet:

Chamomile Tea – thanks to its curative properties, this remedy can bring you calmness without having to worry about any side effects. Its main plus consists in the fact that it is one hundred percent safe.

– Valerian Tea – also used as a diuretic and a pain reliever, Valerian Tea is probably the most notorious name in this Teas for Stress list. Ancient Romans used it as a sedative and sleep aid. All these curative properties are generated by a substance called valepotriates, which can be found in both Valerian leaves and flowers.

Mint Tea – one of the world’s greatest panacea and a good replacer for your morning coffee, Mint Tea is the most popular medical treatment when it comes to stress too. When looking for Teas for Stress, you don’t have to go too far. If you have Mint in your kitchen, just reach for it and enjoy its wonderful benefits!

Ginseng Tea – you might find Ginseng a bit strong for your taste, but its action is strong and quickly. It is said that Ginseng clears out the exhaust and stress immediately, thanks to a series of natural enzymes. If the taste seems a bit unpleasant to you, just add a small amount of honey and lemon.

Teas for Stress Side Effects

It is important to remember that all medical treatments should be taken according to their specifications and that exceeding the number of teacups per day might cause you severe damages. However, when it comes to these Teas for Stress, the only thing you need to be careful about is the time period in which you take them.

If you know you suffer from chronic stress symptoms, drink Mint Tea or Chamomile Tea, since they have no side effects. Aside from being a good help in cases of stress, Ginger Tea may cause diarrhea, nausea and other problems, so you need to pay attention to your treatment.

Also, only take the tea are long as you feel sick and don’t make a habit out of it!

Other than that, there’s no reason not to give these Teas for Stress a try and enjoy their natural benefits wisely!

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